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Fairly large spot. Great for all game modes. Based on mission "No Russian". Features a plane you can go in and camp out if you please. You can go in back of the plane and guard it from there in case if any sneaky players decide to come the ladder in the very back of the plane for a sneak attack. Beware though because the back is blocked by explosive barrels which you can get pass if you crouch and walking beside them, but they can be deadly if you do not get rid of them before you go back. It is also an ideal place to put Sentry Guns . The indoor area can provide some cover from enemy killstreaks, but there are several overhead windows that should be avoided. Be very careful when placing care packages, as this level has many obstructions. Remember that if a care package lands on glass, breaking the glass can, but not always, result in the care package falling through. The care package will sometimes break the glass as it falls though. Adjacent to the escalators, there is a ladder that you can climb on and obtain a great overview of flag C, flag B, and the hall in the terminal near the cafe with the shatterable glass windows. A player standing here can rack-up huge killstreaks which can be devastating or, more than likely, someone will shoot you dead since you have little cover and you can be attacked from several angles so, camping here may not be a good idea unless you have a suppressed weapon and/or Cold-Blooded Pro.Outside, behind the plane, is one of the better places, away from most of the action, to call in an airdrop.The glass windowed hallway can be an easy area to hold provided you know how. Using a light machine gun is considerably effective and with a large ammo count and rapid fire, you can easily take down almost anyone who stumbles out of cover, as well as hold back enemy players. Note: you can be easily flanked on either end of the hallway so be sure the your sides are covered. The front side of the security office is a prime spot for snipers as they are totally hidden while crouching and have a clear shot down the tunnel leading to the plane. Also players going down the tunnel have no cover, whatsoever. The cockpit of the airplane can give you a vantage point to anyone coming to the gate or the other side. If someone is camping there, throw a grenade inside. A defense to make sure nobody attacks you in the back while sniping is to place a claymore near the entrance to the cockpit. The only weakness to this is if someone were to go through the back and shoot, which is also why having a sentry gun available would be the perfect opportunity to use this technique. If you wish to deploy claymores in the plane, plant them behind seats in the plane. They will be virtually invisible to enemies until it's too late .Another good spot is near the front entry way to the plane, as a claymore would be difficult to see around the corner until it is too late. This map is by far one of the easiest to rack up FMJ Penetration kills for unlocking Extended Mags. Simply sit in the grey room with windows opposite the plane and when an enemy is spotted either in the cockpit or the passenger area (through the open or closed windows) shoot through the thin hull for easy kills. Also notable is that you can cause damage (and sometimes get kills) through the extension to the plane from the main building, and also the black/white walls near that area too. Also by the orange and white barriars where Flag B would be and shoot them through there.On the PC and PS3, AI-controlled air support (such as Harriers and Pave Lows) will not shoot through the windows and skylights of the buildings if the glass isn't shattered. So, if you're about to call in air support, shooting out the glass will help gain a considerably larger amount of kills. Many of the skylights inside can also actually be shot out from vantage points outside the building. On the other hand, if the enemy has air support, try to avoid breaking the glass and use unbroken windows and skylights for cover. It is not possible to achieve a missile lock on an aircraft through an unbroken sheet of ceiling glass. (On the Xbox 360 AI-controlled support CAN shoot through glass). There are usually people standing on both sides of the long narrow hallways connecting A and C. As a result, it is common for people to snipe down this hallway. Blindfiring a grenade launcher with Danger Close down this hallway will also frequently get multi-kills. If someone is near the lobby, they can kill campers in the hallway by firing a javelin by aiming across to near the plane entry. Make sure it goes through the glass ceiling though. It is possible to kill someone camping on the roof of the control room by blowing up a red barrel (that is situated on the side of the roof closer to the terminal) which will in turn blow up the larger oil container in the centre of the roof, however, if they are on the opposite side that red barrels are on it might not kill the camper. Useful tactic with an Assault Rifle, SMG or LMG is to go into the cockpit, crouch (to avoid sniper fire through the cockpit windows), And get into the Corner furthest away from the closest entrance to the Plane. Slaughter anyone who enters, or exits. They will only be able to shoot you from your line of fire, meaning you have a good chance of killing an unsuspecting victim. Make sure you are as far away from the entrance as possible, or enemies in the "dark room" may be able to shoot, and possibly kill, you. A Disadvantage of this is that a Well-placed Grenade throw can kill you with ease .In the corridor that leads from the terminal into the plane, the curved wall is just for looks. Anything, even throwing knives, can go right through it as long as it is thrown/shot from the exterior to the interior. One of the most sought after campgrounds is the plane's cockpit. You can get a clear shot at anyone in the gate hallway or on the plane with cover from the bathroom type walls, and you will also be able to look out the windshield at unsuspecting enemies in the hallway adjacent to the bookstore.

Hidden SpotsEdit

There are some ideal spots that can be used. One is by the security gates on the tables. If you go prone it is nearly impossible for you to be seen.

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