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A rather large map.It features an indoor dock with a docked submarine.Based on the mission Contingency.There is a large courtyard in the middle of the map that all buildings eventually flow into. The courtyard is normally a hotly contested area of the map as it is exposed to fire from all directions, including the edges of the map, the structures leading to the center and nearby rooftops.On each side of the map it is possible to get onto the rooftop of the buildings. On one side it is a large cat-walk with two buildings behind it that you are able to climb on - these provide decent cover for snipers and on the other side there is a second floor, instead of a cat-walk, that leads to a open area on top of the middle of the building that is connected to another second-floor building on the far other side. The side with the cat-walk seems to be harder to use since you are vulnerable to air support, more easily spotted, and have much less cover. Also the area behind the pair of two-story buildings with the open area between them is hotly contested during Team Deathmatches. A thermal scope will not work here because it will be hard to distinguish long-range targets. Heartbeat sensors can be quite confusing due to the multiple floors of the buildings. This map is well suited for sniping, although it can be argued that it is done best with an ACOG Scope. Apart from the long "Corridor" at the back of the map (SEAL Spawn), a lot of the sniping someone might do on this map is easily suited to an ACOG scope due the ranges of engagement. When using the Thermal Scope, avoid high areas and looking down - the snow can make some players appear almost invisible. Both bomb sites are potentially dangerous because of ambushers from all directions. If you or a teammate is planting the bomb, throw a smoke to mask their exact location. When the bomb is counting down, hide and wait; if anyone arrives to disarm it, kill them. If a player is wearing a ghillie suit on this level, it will appear as urban rather than arctic, likely due to the prevalence of urban terrain in the map. Near the Spetsnaz spawn point, there is a DART II Tsunami Warning System .

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