Storm is a very unpredictable map, having many choke points where it is easy to be flanked. Weapons like the UMP45, ACR, SCAR-H, M4A1, Intervention, and P90, and the MP5K are common and effective on this map. When on the warehouse floor there are little overhangs which the player can hide under that will provide cover from any fire coming from the catwalks. In the construction yard there are deep holes in which the player can hide in when prone. The roof of the mannequin store provides a great view of the map. Maintaining a presence in the multi-story buildings across the map can prove to be invaluable as it provides long sight lines covering large portions of the map, whereas the ground level is littered with cover, thus obscuring a player's view. In Search and Destroy, Ninja Pro is a very useful perk since most of the surfaces in the warehouse and near the bomb sites are metal and makes the players footsteps very loud. Conversely, Sitrep Pro will make enemy footsteps impossible to ignore. Grenade launchers can fly over some obstructions, killing the enemy without even showing yourself. In every building, there is more than one way to the top floor. Plant claymores at one and occasionally check the other entry to ensure of no flankers. It is actually very easy to go from the Spetsnaz spawn point to point A in Domination before the TF141 troops can get there if you have Marathon, Lightweight, and any third perk. This can easily kill most of the enemies there, and actually enable you to gain an edge in the map. There are many piles of wood which you can see and shoot through, thus giving you slight cover and the element of surprise when an enemy comes into sight.

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