A medium map. It features many alleyways that serve as chokepoints, as well as large open streets where combat is more ranged and spread out. A large central apartment building serves as the focus of most of the combat, both within its lower section at the rooms and long hallway above. Portions of other outside structures serve to foil the middle apartment building, offering various positions to shoot in on opponents. This map is most suitable to Assault classes since the range varies from very close combat inside to much more ranged combat in the streets outside. There are enough enclosed spaces however to permit dedicated CQB classes. Snipers will find themselves with more limited options than some larger maps such as Derail. The tunnel on the Ranger's spawn has a small hole in it to the left across from the barrels. It is smart for a Riot Shield user to camp here, or for one to place a Claymore. The distance between the hole's back and the tunnel's pathway far enough so that the trip-wires can't be seen.Snipers are provided with great sniping positions like the building with the mounted machine-gun facing the first and top floor of the middle row of buildings, where players often camp. The best sniping spot would be near the Spetsnaz spawn point, as the Ranger team tends to funnel into the center building. If one does this right they can rack up a massive killstreak, so long as they watch their flanks occasionally. If you go to the very back of the map by the containers and go by the black crates, you can climb on them and go on the containers. This is a great place to call in care packages and use manually controlled killstreaks like AC-130 and Chopper Gunners.This map has many alleys with blind turns, resulting in surprise Knife battles or hip fire combat. This may suit some Witch classes (Marathon and Lightweight) who use akimbo shotguns (running down long alleys/hallways is NOT recommended). The Commando perk may also prove a lifesaver in the tDue to a majority of the fighting taking place indoors, the Chopper Gunner and AC-130 may have little effect. It maybe wise to change your killstreak rewards to UAV (counter and normal), Care Packages, and Sentry Guns. Predator Missiles suffer just like the other rewards with fighting taking place indoors. The Sentry Gun is arguably the best in the long tight hallways. ight alleyways.The main building has several smaller alleyways and side streets that can be used for flanking maneuvers. This can be especially useful in Capture the Flag, Search and Destroy, and other objective-based game-types. A very effective way to earn a high killstreak is to camp on the second floor of the office near the loading dock. This vantage point offers a very clear view of enemies heading through the tunnel as well as enemies trying to sneak through the garage or around the parking lots to the west. The tactic works even better on Domination as the Rangers will usually capture A and hold it for the entire game, allowing you to stay in the office for the entire game and eventually achieve your killstreak. It is recommended that claymores are used to protect your flank and that you should be on the lookout for marathon/lightweight/commando players who can easily outflank you and get in the office if you are not vigilant. An excellent place to achieve FMJ bullet penetration kills is to stand behind the bins looking up towards the apartment doorway where the mounted machine gun is. Shooting through the low wall in front of the doorway as enemies come out is very effective, especially as you can see them rounding the corner of the internal wall before they come out. Beware that you are very exposed from behind so a claymore or teammate are useful here.In Team Deathmatch, the Northern half of the map can easily be completely sealed by three people: One watching the West lot from cover or on the containers, one watching the garage from the office or cover and one watching the tunnel, again from the office or cover. With no possible flanking routes, disorganized opponents will often keep throwing themselves at these fixed positions resulting in extremely lopsided games.

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