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The smallest map of the game. Good for Free-for-All and fast paced Team Deathmatches. Map based on the final misson called "Endgame" where you throw a throwing knife at General Sheperd's head. In the very center of the map there is a ladder that leads to an ideal sniping spot, but you can get caught easily by a well trown semtex.This map is generally unpopular due to the amount of "spawn kills" and grenade spamming as well as a large amount of grenade launchers and thumpers. Although it is easy to get vast amounts of kills on this map it is still generally skipped for larger maps.. It is contested by the Task Force 141 and Afghan OpFor.There is a crashed Sea Knight outside the map. This may be a reference to the mission "endgame "except for the fact that Shepherd crashed in a Pavelow, not a Sea Knight. This map is not available in the playlist Ground War, as it is extremely small for 18 players.It is possible to guide the Predator Missile off a 'cliff' which glitches the game and causes your Predator to automatically explode. The cliff should be to the far right of the electrical plant of the map .An AC-130 on this map is nearly impossible to hide from, you could decimate the whole map if you received one. An effective tactic to try is using a semi-automatic shotgun, such as the M1014 or the Striker, in combination with the Marathon perk, because Marathon allows you to sprint indefinitely, thus allowing you to cover a lot of ground in a short time. This combination will wreak havoc among other players. Shotguns can be very effective, sniper rifles are almost useless in this level considering your very close to every enemy you face. Placing a sentry gun at the top of the tower is useful, as the sentry gun will cover almost the entire map. Try to avoid running on the middle pipe that leads to top of the map as it is very easy for players to kill you.

Hidden SpotsEdit

Sorry but there are no hidden spots that i know of in this map.

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