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Rather large map. Features a nearly finished building under construction with 2 office buildings on both sides of map. Automatic shotguns and submachine guns are excellent for these offices, but assault rifles are ideal for the sometimes medium-long range combat that occurs in the more open areas. A unique feature of this map is its multi-tiered construction; both offices can be accessed by a tunnel underneath, which leads upstairs at various points in between. A trick that a lot of snipers like to use at the start of the game is to run forward, scope across to the other spawn and pick people off as they rush towards the window. This can result in multiple kills if timed correctly. However, it could also backfire on you, as it is possible to achieve this from both spawns. Climbing the crane is the only way to reach the second floor of the Northern building (in relation to the map) which provides a good sniping spot but with limited cover. It is also recommended that the player lights a Tactical Insertion in case he/she dies while sniping. The parked helicopter is also a favorite in sniping and vantage points, control of the helicopter pad can lead to control of the high ground, plus the walkways that sprout from it, giving the team total access to the vantage area. Players will often shoot grenade launchers from spawn to spawn at the beginning of a match or round. If the player needs to operate a killstreak reward, a good place to hide would be in inside the offices that are surrounded by glass, as most people usually don't check here. The one in the far back corner by the stairs is a good one as it is one of the darkest. An easy way to get to across the map is to head downstairs and the player will end up on the other side, easy flanking tactic to root out snipers and wanna-be ambushers. The numerous cardboard boxes scattered throughout the map can all be shot or knifed to reveal various packaged food items such as gum, cookies, beef jerky, candy bars, chips and on some occasions, condoms.Some of the candy brands are KRUST and Sweet and Sexy. The players that watch the AC-130 it will sometimes go right through a building. Proving it is not an actual solid object, this also applies to almost all killstreaks. On the phones in the offices on the opposite ends of the map, it is possible to see the word "COD4". The game before this one. Even though the level seems to be on a building that is at least 20 stories high, there are only two elevator buttons. Occasionally, although nobody really notices, there are several Mi-24s that fly around the map. If a player shoots or knifes trash cans that are located throughout the map, newspapers will fly out and float to the ground. The name of the newspaper appears to be "Infinity Ward Times". A good hiding spot is underneath the stairs in one of the buildings, where the player can plant a claymore, or wait themselves, as people will rarely look before they climb down, but if he/she waits there, people will often come back for revenge kills, and the cramped space provides little mobility. If you bounce a throwing knife off the floor, it will not break the windows but, if you throw it directly at it, it will.

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