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Rather Large map. Takes place around the site of a train derailment (hence the name) surrounded by a forest, in what is presumably Northern Russia. The map is covered in a thick layer of snow. There are several buildings for players to fight amongst as well as train cars which provide additional cover. There is also a vast "field" that has basically no cover to hide behind, along with several paths around the yard.Derail is often considered a sniper-orientated map, though it can easily accommodate many different styles of play.Fighting is generally centered around the two buildings on the far side of the map, on the opposite side of the two buildings with ladders attached. The smaller building is the more popular, due to an over-looking view of a large, empty field that is easy to shoot into and the fact that it has only two entrances. The other building is much larger, allowing snipers a good view to the opposite building, though it is hard to defend. The main fight takes place around the area where the train derailed (hence the name). Arctic ghillie snipers are invisible from afar and prove a dangerous threat if hiding in the snow. The most overlooked area of the map are the the either sides that are filled with white foliage and mounds of snow. Derail is a map of silence and limited gunfire where one shot (and a silencer) can mean life or death. Quick, powerful, and accurate shots are extremely important here. Running out into the open without caution and camouflage can easily end your life. Consider taking 1 designated marksman and 1 sniper in a squad or consider having a team of long range riflemen.This map provides several high vantage points ideal for placing Sentry Guns.This includes the parapet out of the warehouse in the back, looking out of the windows in the central building (provided your team controls it), on top of one of the rail cars, or on top of one of the single story buildings near the TF 141 start. On this map, the AC130 circles around the map but leaves some areas where the weapons cannot aim to. Use this to your advantage to quickly take out any enemy AC130s that are called in. The best way to take down an AC-130 or Chopper Gunners is to have the Cold-blooded perk and fire a Stinger from one of the windows of either warehouse (you'll be very hard to see indoors), then quickly relocate to another window when the gunner sees the smoke trail and fire again. In the case of AC-130s however you may need more than one person with Stingers, or the Scavenger perk. The Thermal Scope is extremely unreliable on this map because players on the ground will have no contrast with the white snow. Most players don't realize that you can go inside the multi-story buildings in the back of the town. There are plenty of covered areas within them that provide shelter for players who want to use their killstreaks or finish the Survivalist Challenge.Within the ground floor of the railyard warehouse, there are stacks of boxes which provide well-covered vantage points for camping objective B in search and destroy and demolition and also make an easy job of camping the main entrance of the warehouse. decent spot for snipers would be overlooking the big snowy field on either side. The players in the field have very little cover and stand out in contrast to the white snow.Contrary to popular belief, the raised bushy patch on the eastern side of the middle building is a bad shooting position; many snipers and sharpshooters get picked off by players near the generators to the south-west thinking they were hidden by the foliage.The single-story brick structures in the town area provide extremely good vantage points for snipers. The snow covered roofs make it easy to miss a stationary sniper wearing an arctic ghillie suit and the ventilation duct on the northernmost building is high enough to see out under, making the shooter all but invisible until they fire. Best of all, any player can sprint fast enough to leap from one building to the next, making covering both flanks a breeze. Finally, guarding yourself from sneaky, vengeful players is extremely easy since both structures' rooftops are only accessible via two ladders apiece which are easily checked and/or claymored.Despite the massive distance between spawns on this map, it is very easy for the defense team to wipe out the attackers before they even reach them. To cover the bridge side, a sniper with Marathon can run all the way to the third floor of the back warehouse and bust the windows to access a snowy parapet that offers a perfect and shady spot to pick off attackers before they cross the bridge or run past it towards the northern flank. The southern approach is also easily defensible. The best method is to climb the snow-covered boxes next to the cargo containers near the central office structure. From the top of the container, one can then jump back to the highest box and from there jump left to another container which overlooks the entire southern flank, and the fence provides decent concealment with some fine adjustment of position. This particular spot is also out of line of sight from the infamous town rooftops which usually allow the attackers an early advantage. Having two skilled snipers to use these two spots forces the enemy to approach the railyard directly, which is an extremely uncomfortable position.The snowy ledge outside the windows of the the third floor of the railyard warehouse is an excellent spot for concealment and distance, but has a weak point. If a sniper enters the train car right before the bridge on the town side, they can get a good view of that spot from on top of the boxes in the back of the car. Also on the second level and third level are sets of windows that enemy snipers can take clean shots of you going up the levels.If you go to the highest floor on the North warehouse and go through the window on to the roof, you can jump off to the left (if facing south) and land on the protruding ventilation pipes a level below. This spot gives a good view of the West section of the trainyard, but you are very vulnerable to any good sniper.The bridge that goes over the train is a good ally-way shot, due to less cover.

Glitches/Hidden SpotsEdit

There is a glitch which allows the player to reach the big hills outside of the map, next to the warehouses of the edge of the map, the hills provide great cover and sight, it is a deadly sniping point, but note that this is considered a "cheap shot".There is also one by the warehouse on the 3rd floor. Go on the roof that you can stand on, then jump to the streetlight next to it. It may take some time to get there, but if you want to go further on that glitch. Jump down on to the gate below. If you follow it you got a view on one of the bomb sites and take out anyone that comes to plant the bomb. A few hidden spots are that you can go on top of the buildings and snipe, but please noto that you have no cover and people may find their way up there as well. Another one is that you can go under the planes and wait for people to come by, but note that you do not go under all the way.

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